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1 January
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This is the spot for the latest SGNP Comix.

Past comics include:

1) Giraffes and Elephants are Friends
2) Super Rocket Monkey
3) No Time (Autobiographical)
4) The Happy Teddybear Forest
5) Random stupid things

The old archive at c-realm.com is having problems, so this is your main stop until things get sorted out. It's uncertain whether or not it will ever be up and running in the same way again. Watch this space for more details.

Because the c-realm.com forum is gone for now, we've enabled posting by anybody on LiveJournal. Any non-LiveJournal users who wish to post a comment are asked to be nice, and to sign their name after their comments. If you're mean, you'll get deleted. If it gets to be too much of a hassle, it'll go away again.

Finally, due to the archive being hosed, you may not have access to a favorite strip of yours from the past. If it's missing, and you'd like it on some sort of object, please e-mail me. We'll work something out.

My living situation has become somewhat nomatic as of late. I don't always have access to a scanner, or time to do a comic, so the format has become very less daily and more "less frequent than normal." I'm also currently working on a separate animation project and archiving old strips. I will keep everyone posted.

Thanks for your patience during these changes.